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  • Copywrite

    These strange college students with their funny jargon and nerdy ways did more to start the computer revolution than any silicon engineering team. naturally curious, these MIT students had devoted their lives to intellectual tinkering. they believed in a co-operative society and imagined themselves living in a utopian world in which people shared information – […]

  • Bewitched

    Married life had not been kind to Samantha Stephens. Even her worst nightmares at least had more excitement than this. She was just not born to be a cleaner, a dishwasher, a cook (not a chef, Darin’s ulcer did not allow for any sophisticated food) and a whore. Sometimes her housebound existance led her to […]

  • Frag One

    I set my mind down, knowing that this is bound to be lost. I don’t have a place yet. No home, no town, no strong familiarity to call my own. No girlfriend, no wife, no loved one, no child. They are all a statement of fact. I have decided on my place, Oxford. Its not […]

  • An unemotional society

    Shut away in its rooms, experiencing not through watching, talking or seeing, but through typing. The carcophony of millions of fingers typing millions of words, pause, the chattering of keys and space bars as a low thump. Hours sat facing a glowing screen, quite often in darkness. Life lived through your fingers. They wonder what […]

  • And so it goes a little something like this…

    Hitch-hikers Guide meets the Net. A vision of a future under the influence of the internet The Nets vision with a fuck deal less pomposity TECHIE STUFF Your IP address is your DNA string. Computers Far more powerful when the silicon chips are positioned under a perfect pyramid DNA editors available, hard to do, so […]

  • Liam had an extraordinary right aural tract

    . The left one was horizontal, like most peoples, but the right one was at forty-five degrees. This meant two things: · For all of his life Liam would have extreme problems with earwax · He heard music just that little differently to most people Guitars just passed him by; it was bass he needed, […]

  • Pope wedding

    A young boy bored with his life becomes obssessed with a man who lives in a shack .The man might be Sid Barrett . The Lotus Eaters , a group of students who sit around all day smoking themselves incapable . When the revolution comes , they will be the first ones up against the […]

  • The Gene Genie

    The nature versus nurture debate. Do our bodies have everything at birth, or are we a blank slate which learns everything from experience? The reality is that it appears to be a sublte blend of both of these seemingly seperate ideologies. We are both a generating and degenerating life-form. We grow and deteriorate, often simultaneously. […]

  • So tell me about yourself

    Well, I was an only child. Not many friends in the neighbourhood. Spent a lot of time in my room, imagining. Thinking of my future. Playing games for England, kissing the girl across the street. Funnily enough I never once imagined that data input would be my future. I used to watch World of Sport, […]

  • Alien to my culture

    The complex mix of space flight, Egyptian mysticism and funk music combines to form the logic of alien visitation. Earth Wind and fire touched on it, releasing a stream of consciousness that has already been lost, like the green man, bits keep resurfacing in culture, little reflections of a long lost history appearing in the […]