Four years????

It really can’t be four years since I wrote a blog post here. That’s a very long time to not let the world know what I’ve been up to. Quick summary: Not that much..

Ode to Kiki Dee

Amazing face, so starry-eyed. Surprise! Staring out into the seventies, Were you ever there? You look like you are, Enjoying the colours, And then you’re not. And then you’re gone. No more besides, That Elton John.

The count

He sits alone in his spaceship, counting the hours. The minutes, the days and the seconds too, but mainly the hours. They are his focus. The more hours he counts, the fewer there are to go. The sooner this mission will be over. He is hanging in space, counting. All of space around him, under… Continue reading The count

Kurt Vonnegut reads Breakfast of Champions

92Y Podcast: Kurt Vonnegut Reads Breakfast of Champions – 92Y Blog – 92nd Street Y – New York, NY I’ve been going through some old links I’ve been meaning to read, and found this. It’s an MP3 of Kurt Vonnegut’s first public reading of Breakfast of Champions. This was my favourite Vonnegut novel for some… Continue reading Kurt Vonnegut reads Breakfast of Champions


“these strange college students with their funny jargon and nerdy ways did more to start the computer revolution than any silicon engineering team. naturally curious, these mit students had devoted their lives to intellectual tinkering. they believed in a co-operative society and imagined themselves living in a utopian world in which people shared information –… Continue reading Copywrite

The Dark Side of the Moon

The dark cove rose far above them, so tall it almost blocked the sky from view. There was no sand, just earth brown rock, gnarled and rippled like a bark from a tree. David lost his footing, slipping on the sodden rock. He plunged into the icy water, which firmly pulled him away. A hopeless… Continue reading The Dark Side of the Moon