Kurt Vonnegut reads Breakfast of Champions

92Y Podcast: Kurt Vonnegut Reads Breakfast of Champions – 92Y Blog – 92nd Street Y – New York, NY

I’ve been going through some old links I’ve been meaning to read, and found this. It’s an MP3 of Kurt Vonnegut’s first public reading of Breakfast of Champions. This was my favourite Vonnegut novel for some time, until Bluebeard just pipped it in my own affections, when I read it on honeymoon in Paris, visiting galleries and seeing the works of some of the artists mentioned in the book. So Bluebeard kind of had an unfair advantage there.






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  1. Fello Kurt Vonnegut Fan Avatar

    Wow, that must be fascinating to listen to. I love Vonnegut, and I agree with Bluebeard being the best novel.