An unemotional society

Shut away in its rooms, experiencing not through watching, talking or seeing, but through typing. The carcophony of millions of fingers typing millions of words, pause, the chattering of keys and space bars as a low thump. Hours sat facing a glowing screen, quite often in darkness. Life lived through your fingers. They wonder what virtual reality is like. We have the first evolution of it now. Except more of the creation is being done in our minds, like returning to a word created by words, by radio. So much more to imagine, so much of the spirit like the noble earnest intentions of early American radio to entertain and educate in equal measures. Take people around the world for the first time, take them to events live as they happened for the first time. Took them to war for the first time. Every person being called upon to visualize to picture in their minds, things beyond their normal understanding of their own world. This is the spirit that has come back with the Internet. Certainly it can be twisted and exploited and exploitative, and often is. But the original intention is still there sometimes. You can look at spaceships, you can look at local government, you can find out things you thought you knew about. Things are made clear, things become understandable. We haven’t quite missed out on the pioneer spirit, its around a little while longer.