Alien to my culture

The complex mix of space flight, Egyptian mysticism and funk music combines to form the logic of alien visitation. Earth Wind and fire touched on it, releasing a stream of consciousness that has already been lost, like the green man, bits keep resurfacing in culture, little reflections of a long lost history appearing in the minds of people. The tall thin alien, reflections of us, with hands and feet elongated, are results of ourselves mutated by space travel, evolved through millennium of weightless procreation and radiation. Aliens are us, Egyptian space travelers trying to return to earth. We are the only creatures that populate the universe. It is hideously pompous to think of our society as the most advanced ever. Civilizations peak and trough, come and go. The Egyptian society rose to great heights, leaving legacies we are still to understand and comprehend.
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George Clinton nearly brought the aliens home. He was trying to bring down the mothership, the only thing didn’t realise was that the mothership was coming home, not taking us away.