And so it goes a little something like this…

Hitch-hikers Guide meets the Net.

A vision of a future under the influence of the internet

The Nets vision with a fuck deal less pomposity


Your IP address is your DNA string.

Computers Far more powerful when the silicon chips are positioned under a perfect pyramid

DNA editors available, hard to do, so SKY offer 3453 channels and a pre-programed dick enlargement if you take the sports channels.

Microsoft’s final demise comes about on ‘Cold Sunday’ when an upgrade to their American operating system turned the entire population into fridge freezers for fourteen days. The rest of the world only noticed when their news broadcasts started to feature foreign reports.

Similar thing to Hitch-hikers, take someone from now and displace them to another place, in this case 70 years in the future.

World is full of experience surfers. You have complex programs which edit your nerves quickly and slightly so you feel sensations.