Very relaxed weekend

Well I can’t really complain about that for a weekend. Lots of relaxation, got some good chores done around the house, walked to town and bought loads of fish (you need to have me cook fresh scallops from the fishmongers in the covered market for you. My word they were good). Got some good doses of sport and animal crossing in, watching both the F1 GP from Australia, and half of Wrestlemania. Will watch the other half tonight.

Also a bit of geekery, for one it looks like the transfer from 1and1 to textdrive has worked okay. If you have any thoughts, that it is getting to you faster/slower, let me know. Looks slightly quicker to me, and also I think the site is now out of its frames hell.








2 responses to “Very relaxed weekend”

  1. The Smiling Assassin Avatar

    Site does seem to running properly now (favicons, proper link address, not just staying on the one I entered in on, quicker to load)

    Looks like all went well.

  2. The Prumeister Avatar

    The scallops were OUTRAGEOUSLY good – better than a night with George Clooney 😉

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