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  • George Clinton – Atomic Dog

    Atomic Dog, from 1982 is an absolute granddaddy of a track by George Clinton, responsible for so many samples(seriously, go look for yourself, it’s a hell of a list), and perhaps his definitive solo track. High squealing keyboards lead to a low, dirtiest of dirty funky basslines and a wonderfully surreal set of lyrics growled…

  • Aretha Franklin performs Rock Steady

    Aretha Franklin performs Rock Steady live on Soul Train in 1973, episode 55. Now this is a serious sampletastic record, used heavily in late 80s hip-hop for its vocal breakdown. Here’s just one example, the incenduary Mi Uzi Weighs a Ton by Public Enemy: That’s where I think I first encountered it. The song itself…

  • Al Green – Love and Happiness – Live

    I love an old Soul Train clip, and this is a corker, Love and Happiness by Al Green performed live. This is made by the start: Eyebrow raise, footstomp, go. Only found out the other day that Billy Preston (of “Get Back” by him and The Beatles fame, amongst many other things) played keyboards on…

  • Third World – Now that we found love

    Third World – Now that we found love 1978 Cracking bit of late 1970s reggae.

  • View from Tate Modern

    Hello world!

  • Jimllpaintit: Handy Andy and Tommy Walsh

    Handy Andy and Tommy Walsh DIY jousting in the Event Horizon engine room – as requested by Ben — Jim’ll Paint It (@Jimllpaintit) July 30, 2014

  • Groove is in the Heart

    Groove is in the Heart – Deee Lite — Kevin Cummins (@KCMANC) June 28, 2014 Classic Deeelite picture by Kevin Cummins

  • Clay Regazzon at the Spanish Grand Prix, 1971

    Clay Regazzoni – Ferrari – Montjuïc Circuit, Spanish Grand Prix – 1971 — Classic Formula 1 (@ClassicFormula1) May 11, 2014

  • Michael Gove – Loads of Hot Sex

    Michael Gove ‘young business people come to London to have loads of hot sex’ <a href="http://t obtenir”> — The Independent (@Independent) April 7, 2014 // The words. The images.

  • Turn a Raspberry Pi into an FM transmitter

    You can turn a Raspberry Pi into a FM transmitter with just a single piece of wire: — Lifehacker (@lifehacker) March 7, 2014 Something very interesting to try out, especially if you are somewhere it is legal to transmit FM signals!