Very Positive

Can’t explain it, but am just feeling a little more focused and positive this week. Seem to be getting my shit together, getting something approaching organised. It is a nice feeling. Ultra-busy at work, but just getting my head down and getting on with stuff. Got the christmas tree up (might take a pic of that tonight), starting to get pressies sorted, and roughly know what we are up to over Christmas. Good.

In other news, may have a trendy new 3g phone soon (free upgrade, not shelling out money, which is ideal). Don’t know how much I will get to use the video stuff, but it does have a decent camera, so hopefully this will let me get a few more pics into here. There is a mobile blogger service in the states, which would allow me to post pics and text directly, but they haven’t released it yet over here, which is barking, as we use mobiles and they don’t really understand them in the states. Not to the same extent as we europeans, where they have pervaded into daily life much more. There are many reasons for this, not least the difficulty in providing full coverage across a country the size of the states. We’re just into it much more, text in particular, but even video has taken off a lot quicker here.







5 responses to “Very Positive”

  1. ptang Avatar

    Has every fucker got their own blog now?

  2. flotsky Avatar

    some of us have been doing it since 2002. Or 1991, if you look at my archive.

  3. ptang Avatar


  4. Wonderduck Avatar

    Now, now, Flotsky… don’t tease the poor lad.

  5. flotsky Avatar

    I’m only teasing him, he’s a top chap. Fellow Nintendo lover for starters 🙂