Is it a bit early for New Years Resolutions?

Well sod it, I am thinking about these anyway. What I think I will do this year as well, is actually promise myself I will come back in a years time, and review them. And see how I did. I think I may have made some last year, let us not talk about those now. Let us look to the future.

Right, I have three simple aims for next year that are simple and achieveable. Two of them are holidays. Mrsfb and I would like two holidays, one a weekend break somewhere nice, one a bigger holiday, a week-ten days somewhere interesting, possibly Barcelona. So I want to save up for those. The other is to get us a television. We rent one at the moment, and I’d rather that money was going towards other things. So buy something at least as good as we rent, nothing too flash, and sort it out. I might do this first, as I have christmas and birthdays to go through soon, and any presents given in the form of money can go towards that.

Okay, one more, which is just generally to spend a little less time wasting time online, and to write and learn a little more. And that is it for what I am going to cast-iron guarentee I am going to do.

I would like to try and smoke a bit less, drink a bit less, and exercise a bit more. And will try. But the above are my absolute aims







2 responses to “Is it a bit early for New Years Resolutions?”

  1. Wonderduck Avatar

    Barcelona? Manuel?


    You know, I hear Spain in the middle of May, say around the 14th, is beautiful…

  2. flotsky Avatar

    Heh, I might post a picture of Mrsfb’s face taken whilst I point that out to her 🙂