Still not quite right

full of snot and apathy at the moment. Annoyed by it now.

Get the impression my iPod is thinking about dying on me, the battery is playing up somewhat, and it is a swine to update at times. Think I may get a new battery put in when I get the chance. I wonder if I can take it to an Apple store and get it done on the spot or something? Really wish to avoid getting a new one if at all possible, not at least until they make the new ones touchscreen.

Speaking of which, loads of new Apple stuff announced yesterday, new iPods mainly with little upgrades, new version of iTunes with a wad of new features including coverart, and also the ability to sync it with two machines, which I may try and report back on shortly, as I am very keen to see how this works. Would suit how I use mine, as I use the iPod a lot at work. Also is a set-top box currently named iTV, which for £300 looks like it could be a very interesting entry point into Apple







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  1. Sarah Avatar

    Oi! Update yer blog – I’ve got nowt to read 😉