Back for a bit

Well, I’ve shaken off my blogging apathy a bit, so here I am. No real reason, just not a lot to say for a bit.

I’ve made an important, life-changing decision. The first next-gen console I am going to buy is an Xbox 360. I’ve thought long and hard about it, really am drawn towards the Wii, but the fact that Phantasy Star Universe is coming for the 360 has swung it, I just can’t imagine not playing that as soon as possible. So I shall count my pennies, consider what I can trade in towards it (almost certainly the majority of my xbox kit, bar the odd game that works on the 360 that I like) and take it from there.







2 responses to “Back for a bit”

  1. Al Avatar

    I have just bit the bullet and ordered mine – a 1-2 week wait, but at a price I couldn’t refuse!! (£265 for 360 premium edition + 1 more wireless controller + PGR 3). Should be here for when I return from Denmark! Woo hoo!

  2. Wonderduck Avatar

    We miss you over at The Pond, Flotsky ol’ pal… please come home!

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