Ploughing through the week

Is it Wednesday already? Bloody hell, I’ve gone a bit without writing then. Not been up to a lot, Saturday we went into Reading, Mrsfb managed a successful shopping trip with some nice clothes, I only wanted to go to one shop (Muji) and got there to find it had closed down, so I was slightly less successful. Then onto a mates house for the first BBQ of the year. Going to have to dust mine down soon, well I will at least when we get the lovely sunny weather back.

Other than that, not up to a lot at the moment. Am reading up a little on PHP (which is what this site is built in) so I understand it better, both for here and for work, as I’ve got a couple of small projects which use it now. Also do intend to make some changes to the blog, mainly moving it to a new host. Might try and do some of the groundwork for that shortly.

We’ve got a reasonably chilled weekend planned, friends over on Friday night, then maybe a film on Saturday. All good. And hopefully might get to talk to my sister who is over here briefly.