Lazy weekend

Didn’t get up to that much really. We had a couple of friends over for dinner on Friday (if I say so myself, I make a cracking lasagne. Fresh pasta sheets are my secret), which ended in a marathon Singstar session, with a little Guitar Hero II thrown in. Saturday was a bit hazy in the morning, but we eventually pulled ourselves together, and had a walk over to South Park. When we got there, I regretted a bit not planning more, as it was gorgeous, and I could have happily sat out there for a while, but we didn’t have any books or toys other than my camera, and more importantly, hats or suncream. I would have frazzled rather quickly, so we settled instead for a couple of beers in The Star (one of the few untouched indie pubs of the Cowley Road. As an aside, I notice that Brickworks (which isn’t indie really, but is odd in an interesting way, a bit like a posh band on 4AD or something) is now open again, so I must go back there. One of my favourite bars on the basis it is odd, interesting and random, to the extent that you get random DJs there, parts of the pub (or indeed the whole pub) closed and opened on a whim, and even on one memorable occasion a barwoman declaring “We don’t serve wine here”, which was odd as I could see a bottle behind her at the time. Still, I don’t like to argue. I like oddness like that, and in general it is a fun place for a quiet drink.

We are now planning for our extended 12″ Bank Holiday weekend, where we have Friday – Tuesday off. Hoping for a couple of trips out and a cycle ride, more news as we get it.







2 responses to “Lazy weekend”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    It was a fab weekend wasn’t it? Not long to go til the next one 😉

    I love the piccie of Frank Zappa in The Star too…

  2. flotsky Avatar

    Yep, can’t wait. That is a classic Zappa poster, I think it is to do with the film 200 Motels.