Other blogs are also available

I have been wandering around some other blogs this morning, just to pass the time. There is some good writing going on out there in the blogsphere:

  • Wonderduck’s Pond – A good and new blog, mainly about F1
  • Lady Muck – Musings on TV and Film
  • Simon Pegg’s Stalker – Just a funny blog name
  • StavSport – Appears to now be a blogweb, but worth going back through, some funny posts in there

Makes you realise there is a lot that can be done with a blog, both in content and style.







2 responses to “Other blogs are also available”

  1. Wonderduck Avatar

    Thanks for the compliment, Flotsky!

    It only seems like my blog is all about F1… since this was my “home” GP, I got to cover it in depth. I’ll be branching out a little bit until the French GP.

  2. flotsky Avatar

    Good to see you over here. Fair point, I do look forwards to what more you have to say about anime (your other stated interest on your blog). I’m no expert on that, but do have a interest in a few things like Akira, and Miyazaki films like Totoro and Spirited Away, so may find I can learn a bit from you.