Less pain, more gain

So I am now due a very ordinary filling on Monday, the pain is subsiding, and my teeth now look great. Almost American in their perfection. Well not quite, but much better.

I still have the last episode of The Thick of it to watch, which was absolutely fantastic. And there is a new series to come, which is highly good news too. Best political comedy in a very long time.

I still have a long term project of getting rid of all my VHS tapes, and copying everything worth keeping to DVD. Few nights ago I came upon a lovely surprise, of a Larry Sanders episode I never knew I had. Its one of the reasons I bother trawling through all the tapes, regardless of what is written on them. You never know. One thing I did know and copied was tape of my visit to Avebury for the Summer Solstice in 1996. Lots of footage of sunrise. Quite pretty actually.