I want a Wii and I want one now (or at least I think I do)

On Monday I set out to try and track down a Nintendo Wii. I’ve been pondering it for a while, and having just been paid this weekend, I felt the urge to own one overwhelm me. Could I find one? Not for lack of trying. I hit every possible store in town, to no avail. The last one I went into I just dejectedly asked “You haven’t got any Wiis, have you. No? Good. Bye”. It has only been out here for six months, one would think they wanted to sell the bloody thing. Now I’m annoyed and don’t know if I want one at the moment, especially if it means tracking them down, rather than being bought on a whim (wiim?).

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  1. The same thought crossed my mind a day or so ago, though more to do with the whole HD thing (it does output at 480p, with the right leads, etc.) Hmmm, Gamecube games in HD, *drools*

    But then I realised how hard it would be to get one, and even harder to get the HD cable to go with it, so it’s kinda gone to the back of my mind again. Which is a shame, cause I’m sure Nintendo is losing a fair bit of business cause of this.

  2. Exactly, I had that money figuratively in my pocket, ready to spend, now I might leave it quite a while.

  3. If I didn’t (just about) have better things to do, I’d ring round the local gameshops and see if they had Wii’s in.

    But I sadly don’t have that much time to waste. Besides, I’ll wait till they have some in stock at work and use my discount card 😀

  4. You certainly do want a Wii. I got one specifically as an appliance to play Wii Tennis on and it rocks my world.

    FWIW, I got mine from Insight.com at a slight discount (I

  5. Your blog software does the same slightly simpleton HTML-removal that BP does 🙂

  6. It should allow you to put in a couple of links, but hold your comment in moderation if there are any more than that (comment spam protection). That is a bit odd that it just cut it dead like that. Will have a look.

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