Good post about blogging

I’m trying not to geek out too much on here these days, at some stage I will sort out my proper geek blogging, and put such stuff on there. It only seems fair, I have already deprived you lucky people of my wrestling thoughts at

Anyways, this is a very sensible set of points to remember about the overall aims of trying to blog, what you should think of. Tips for Pro Bloggers

I agree with them that I should maybe think about clearing up the clutter on the right hand side a bit. I might have to follow their advice there. Maybe have a junk page for putting various things on, a bit like a virtual shoving things under the bed.








4 responses to “Good post about blogging”

  1. Tony Avatar

    I thought blogs were just people writing stuff (badly, in my case). WTF does a ‘blog designer’ do?

  2. flotsky Avatar

    a lot of snowboarding, I reckon.

    There are people making some serious money out of it, apparently. If I figure out how, I will let you know (on a commission basis, of course).

  3. 200factoryfarmedcamels Avatar

    The difference between blogs and commecial web-sites has disappeared, really – anything that uses blogger or web-log or similar software is technically a blog.

  4. flotsky Avatar

    Very true there, essentially, blogger and suchlike are just content management systems, as most corporate websites tend to use these days. Indeed, I may be doing a mini-site for someone later in the year, and want to set it up so they can add a lot of written content as and when they need it. So I figure that wordpress is going to be a good compromise to achieve this.