New Look

Well we have a slightly new look here, thanks to my friend B, who has very kindly helped me come up with a new logo. I need to tinker with things a little more, host all the images here for speed, and get some other little bits sorted. I’m very happy with it, tell me what you think!


  1. lovig that new banner chap. I’ve had a revamp on my etape blog too. It looks like a kraftwerk album cover now.

  2. Cheers Alex. I’m going to try and get hold of the font I reckons, and get it set up on my machines, because it looks great. I believe B did a lot of work with it, rather than it just being the font on its own mind.

  3. Hello love. Decided to pop in on you at last – wish I’d done it much sooner. Smashing logo btw – very down wi’ da kidz an’ that x

  4. Hello there queenie. Very nice to have you drop by. I am markedly down wit da kidz, nothing gets by me. Well unless I have to bend down to stop it.

  5. Ooh – it’s New Look a-go-go all over the place, I re-designed mine the other day too, as you know 🙂
    I like your New Looks, flots and alex.
    I was reading the blog of a japanese woman in Canada yesterday and she had lots of emoticons I didn’t know, so I’m going to try some of them out ^o^

  6. Like the new look, Flotsky! Very subtle changes from the original, not like the one I did back in july, going from pink&white to grey and grey.

    Nicely done!

  7. Cheers Wonderduck, trying to evolve it slowly into what I want. Have a few more ideas to come yet, but nothing scary

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