This the story, of a lovely lady

It doesn’t yet appear to be Friday, which is something of a disappointment frankly. Ah well, I’ll get over it.

Things I am interested in at the moment include the Pro-Hunting protest yesterday, which involved protestors getting onto the floor of the house of commons. Just plaing weird to see. The Pro-Hunters are claiming that the banning of their “sport” is undemocratic. For starters they seem to miss the irony that if they had protested in any other country in the world they would have been most likely shot for even attempting to protest in that manner. And for another, I knew when I voted for Labour that they were broadly anti-hunting. I think they should read the papers a little more.

I am also watching a lot of Fox News at the moment, just for fun. The thing that gets me (okay one of the 57 things that get me) about Fox is that when they cover something like Hurricane Ivan, they are tremendous, awesome resources to cover such things. Its when they get into politics that the constant bias and baiting of the Democrats becomes an issue.