And thats how they became the brady bunch

Hmmmm, I have tasted the air outside, and there is a definite suspiscion that it is friday. This is no bad thing whatsoever. The site appears to be heading for its best month ever in terms of readership btw, it has been improving month on month since I moved ISP a few months back. Very happy with this lot, I have to admit, lots of nice little tools to use.

Will not be up to much of consequence this weekend, might even write a couple of diary entries, you never know. Have been reading up on trying to use a wireless card under linux, one of my next little projects. It would appear to be an absolute swine. I have to say that I use Suse on my laptop as my linux distro, and for most things it is stunningly simple, but this one is a right pain. Need to investigate further I feel.