It isn’t often you get to work to find your office wrapped in a 10 foot high purple bow. Well mine is at the moment, and has been since yesterday. We are in the process of rebranding, or “changing to a sans serif font and paying some creatives a lot of money”, as is the trend du jour. Actually, we are possibly one of the last companies to change to a less serifey font. I was pondering this yesterday. What happens when we have all gone sans, will the geniuses of rebranding find some sub-serif font for us all to move to over the next ten years? Move us all back to serif, to give us “an air of authority that exudes from an older, more established font? For the record, I actually like sans-serif fonts, so I’m not annoyed by the change per se, it is more the bollocks that surrounds it. The ribbon was cool mind, will try and post the pic I took of it tomorrow.


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