A Firefox for the rest of us

Well, Firefox is now officially version 1.5. The main external differences I’ve noticed so far are:
– Tabs can now be dragged and swapped with each other
– The RSS icon is now in the url bar, rather than down the bottom (which threw me at first)
– Secure pages show in different colours in the url bar. A confirmed, secure site will now have a green background there

The internals are a lot more important though. The biggest change is updating Firefox itself, which now goes off and finds updates itself, and doesn’t need a new install each time the browser is updates. I think now all my most used extensions are back working, within a few days of the release. Which is not bad, compared to previous experiences. It shows that the Firefox community is working a lot quicker these days for one.

What I hope to do over the next few days, if I remember, is a series of a few posts detailing the extensions, search plugins, and greasemonkey scripts I’m using at present. Handy guide for me, and maybe even for others.