Podsafe Music Network

Adam Curry announced it, I am saying this is the future, let us leave behind the nasty corporations, let us learn to love the proper indie musician, and hopefully through iTunes or similar, have the opportunity to pay them a proper percentage for their music

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2 responses to “Podsafe Music Network”

  1. Wonderduck Avatar

    I just can’t see podcasts replacing radio, no matter WHO says it. It may CHANGE radio, but not replace it.

    That’s all a podcast is, really. Just another form of radio, without being able to pick it up anywhere. Sure, you can d/l it (heck, you have to!) to your device and take it with you, but lets say two hours later, something important happens in the world. I’ve got my 1920’s-era technology and listening live. You’ve got your 2000’s-era technology, and you’re listening to my radio.

    I just don’t see the attraction.

  2. flotsky Avatar

    Oh I agree with you, it is not going to replace radio, nor do I want it to. The BBC channels over here are some of the world’s finest radio, and I would be loathe to lose that.

    However it is offering alternatives, specialising in different areas. For instance, I would never expect a commercial radio station to do a good programme on videogames. They are just unlikely to find a polished presenter who knows their stuff enough. You need a scary obsessive to do it justice.

    I’m listening to 1-3 hours of solid pod a day, and finding plenty to interest me that I wouldnt find on radio. Much of it I suspect wouldn’t get high enough ratings to justify being on radio generally. Thats cool with me, just happy to be able to get the stuff I want.

    In terms of the podsafe music, the record companies should be happy to let people make their own radio stations/podcasts, and play their music to promote their artists. Instead they want to be paid stupid amounts for the priviledge. I have a mate who runs a proper college radio station in scotland. Only broadcasting to one university, which is packed with prospective record buyers. The music industry wants to charge them an arm and a leg to promote their artists to this audience, and it is a tragedy. Podsafe music is the alternative to this, up and coming artists can choose to get their promotion through such channels. Thus I am all for it