Podcasts to check out and report back on

I’ve found a couple of new podcasts that I need to give a go. The first is the Ricky Gervais video podcast. The free audio one was absolutely hilarious, and now he is doing the same for video. Don’t know how long it will be free, so have a look whilst you can.

The other is Penny Arcade , one of the angriest and funniest gaming-related sites around. They have finally given in to the podcast trend, and I am very curious to hear them.

There should be one more here, I found yesterday that another site I really like has started podcasting now. Can I remember who it was though? The answer is clearly no…

EDIT On my way home, I discovered the last one I wanted to try out. Giant Robot is an American magazine that is obsessed with all things from the far east, and of Asian-American origin. I always try to buy a copy when I find it (clearly I should subscribe, and I shall sort that soon). Well they now have a podcast, so I need to try that out.








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