Election night special

I am up late here watching the election night coverage. We have had local council elections, I have used my democratic right to vote, and now am doing the other important part, waiting to see what my vote has got me. It looks like we may have a Labour council once more in Oxford, but that is not definite yet.

I’m in an odd mood tonight, I feel like a load of tennis balls being dropped into a drainpipe through a funnel. If you pour in too many too quickly, the balls get jammed. That is how I feel, I’ve got loads of thoughts and ideas I want to get down, or get done, and from having too many I am finding myself getting bogged down. My head was racing when I got in tonight, so much I wanted to get through, and then I just couldn’t. I’m a bit calmer now, and I have focused and got a couple of things done tonight. Cleaned up the right hand side of this site a little, and done a couple of other jobs. I am also going to try and do a few things at the weekend to get myself closer to where I want to be. I am hopefully going to be reading quite a bit of geek stuff over the next few weeks, to get myself a bit more learned. And more coding. And more writing. I just need to focus a bit more for a while, tune myself in. I’ll do it, it is just making that so.