Okay, so things look a little different around here

I have taken the blue pill, and moved on from Blogger to WordPress. I have been mouthing off about it for long enough now. It was time to change. This is a nice theme to make do for the moment. What was quite impressive was that with a bit of preparation and backing up, WordPress did almost all the work of converting all the old posts over for me. I held my breathe all the way through, but it did it all fine.

So, what do you think?







7 responses to “Okay, so things look a little different around here”

  1. Emily Avatar

    I want I want I want an oompah loompah. It looks great. Fucking really good. Really clean and light. The only thing is when no one has commented it says “no comments” and I think it should say “post comment” as it is more inviting.

    You just need your old banner though as I liked that bit of Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

  2. brumdee Avatar

    I like it, it’s clearer and modern in typeset (not sure if that’s the correct word Flots).

  3. flotsky Avatar

    It was all a lot less hassle than I expected to convert it. Few tricky moments, but all in all very nice. I’ve got a lot to do here, partly because there is a lot you can do with it. I think I will convert the banner shortly, that logo in the top right has to be a little bit more me.

    Typeset and design will do fine as a way to describe it, thank you brumdee 🙂

  4. Sarah Avatar


    Nice work, although as I so cleverly pointed out – some of yer old blog links are missing.

    Do I win a prize??!!

  5. flotsky Avatar

    You do, I will give you it later


  6. Sarah Avatar


  7. cindy Avatar

    It’s amazing what you can do with bit of mdf and some Egyptian cotton. The gamebar seems to have been raised :-))