Its still hot. Record books are being checked

Mellow weekend. Didn’t achieve much, didn’t set out too. Sat out in the park on Saturday, alternating between resting in the shade of a tall tree, and playing diabolo. I’ve still got it, I can throw my diabolo way up in the air and catch it without it smacking into my face. I don’t look forwards to the day I find I haven’t got it anymore.

Bought and assembled a new barbecue, and most of the parts ended up where they should go, so I consider that a major success. Cooked what are fast becoming my patented chilli-lamb kebabs on it. I intend to use it whenever I can this year, if its going to be this hot, I may as well be outside with a glass of wine rather than sweating in the kitchen. I have a thermometer in there, and it has got up to 33C in our kitchen recently.