First moan about 360 – No wireless drivers for the PC

Only a little moan though, generally still happy with it. However, one of the things that appealled to me about the 360 was that you can use the controller with the PC as well. Well it turns out that is only if it is a wired controller. No worries I thought, I’ve bought the play and charge kit, which has an ordinary USB cable on it. If I plug it into the PC like that, it is a wired controller, surely? No dice. So if I want to do that, I have to buy the inferior controller instead. Great.







3 responses to “First moan about 360 – No wireless drivers for the PC”

  1. Al Avatar

    But I guess with a PC due to the screen size, your likely to be near it anyway, so cabling isn’t necessarily a problem. But I do see your point!

  2. The Smiling Assassin Avatar

    There is a USB dongle type thingy (Microsoft’s own description) coming out before crimbo that will allow you to use the wireless controller on the PC.

    I did email you about it a month or so ago. Might want to do a quick search through your mail to refresh your memory, as I can’t be arsed to find it myself.

    Don’t remember it being cheap though. £30 IIRC.

  3. Sarah Avatar

    I not speaka da language.