Dean’s Source Code syntax highlighting plugin for WordPress V1.1

I’ve been asked to find a WordPress plugin for source-code highlighting in posts. My first research leads me to the belief that the area to look at are plugins which use the Generic Syntax Highlighter or GeSHi. This can handle over 200 different languages, so should be flexible enough for our needs.

So the first plugin I am looking at is Dean’s Source Code syntax highlighting plugin. What I intend to do is to install a few different plugins, activate them one at a time, input code in a few languages, and compare the results.

Code Formated by Deans Source Code Syntax Plugin

These are just a few examples to show how well it formats. What I didn’t count on was that if I de-activate the plugin, the formatting goes immediately. So the above is an image of the generated code.

Having a second go here at multiline code:

Another go at multiline

Still not happy. My basic issue here isn’t with writing code from scratch, that works fine. It is cutting and pasting a section of code in Firefox so that it will keep the formatting and parse properly through the highlighter. Just can’t get it to work. Putting it on hold for now.

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