So one month into the year, where am I at?

Well, I seem more organised. I create this illusion through the use of Yahoo Calendar, which I now sync through Outlook to my phone. Has a todo list, which is my key to getting my life in order at the moment. I really must keep it up, as it really does help, and I feel more sane and less chaotic with that working for me.

This has got me reading more, both geek books, literature and books on video games. I am presently reading Power Up, which is a great book covering both the history of games, and some dissection of how they can be perceived. Interesting for me at least.

Need to work harder on losing some weight and stopping smoking. Want to get those sorted out really. Saving is going alright, money is a bit saner now we are through Christmas. I could really do with getting some of the junk I have onto ebay, get some dosh towards the things I want to save for, and get rid of stuff that well, I need to get rid off. We really do need the space for one!

So thus far, got some things organised, can do better.