Slow of Mind

Bit tired today. Forgot to say, saw Harry Hill at the New Theatre on
Saturday night, very good standup. He is suprisingly good at improvising,
which is a side to him I haven’t seen before.

Also, figured out how to set up a search extension in Firefox to exclude something
from a search. Here is how to do it:

In windows, go to c:program filesmozilla firefox and open google.src in a
text editor or notepad.

you are looking for:

[input name=”q” user]

Change it to:

[input name=”q” value”-kelkoo”]
[input name=”q” user””]

(obv in all the above replace the [] with angle brackets)

save the file, and restart firefox. It will append the -kelkoo (or whatever else you put in there)
to searches from the google search box.