Organisation is tough

Right, I am going to get organised. Really. No really I am.

I have actually made a lot of strides in the past year, but I’ve fallen back slightly. So I am going to have a big push to sort out beyond that.

The main thing I am going to do, is to try to use two programs on my computers. Eclipse and Firefox. Essentially, Eclipse should be used for all my programming, Firefox for pretty much everything else. There are a few specific things I need to use on certain computers, eg I have little or no choice but to use Lotus Notes for work email. I will permit myself those where I have to. Where I have the option, it will be either online in Firefox, or done within Eclipse.

I’d like, ideally, to have almost everything else I need under Google. I think I will move over what needs moving as each new service becomes available. For instance, I use Yahoo Calendar for reminders and todo lists. As soon as I can get such things under Google, they will go.

This is all a bit hazy, I may have to think things through and explain more later.



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