Less than memorable moments from Top of the Pops

Was talking about this very topic on a message board somewhere. The first one that came to mind was the drunk bloke waving into camera during a performance of Seven Tears by the Goombay dance band that was
shown ten weeks in a row or something. It was certainly at number 1 for a couple of months. He became an old friend you
looked out for after a while. He looked quite lonely in some ways, the rest of the crowd was much younger and watching the band, he looked out of place and time.

Others I remember include:

The Scotland team with John Gordon Sinclair and BA Robertson. I think it was 1982 (86 at absolute latest). Whereas 78 was the year of hope and failure, this team looked like it knew it would lose the world cup. During this very performance.

Diamond Lights – Hoddle and Waddle. I saw this again recently, and what is wonderful but very poor about this is how much more into the whole thing Hoddle is compared to Waddle.

Do you remember any particularly bad performances?


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