I’ve been a little lost for words

Not in a bad way, just haven’t had much to say lately. And as they say, if you can’t say anything, don’t say something for the sake of saying something. Or something.

We’re due another fairly quiet weekend, having just had one. We had a little shopping, did some chores around the house, I hacked the lawn and weeded somewhat (in fact I’ve weeded the past two nights as well, and there is plenty left to do), and read, watched telly and played games.

At the moment I’m playing a lot of Forza 2, which is a wonderful racing game, but it’s a bit intense on the wrists (I’ve had to turn off the rumble as it was trashing them somewhat). To have a little break from it now and then, I’ve just got Pacman Championship Edition from Live Arcade, which is an odd updating of the classic. It’s got a lot more hectic and hypnotic. I’ve played it properly a few times tonight and it is quite satisfyingly intense.

I’m presently halfway through a geekcourse on XML, which in the main is going in. However I’m also quite distracted by the thought of my diabolo, which I’ve finally got into again for the summer (it is normally cast aside in winter, then when summer comes around is a wonderful excuse to get down the park). I’ve been watching a movie called The Art of Diabology, which is the best instruction in the art I’ve ever had. Very inspiring, but the difficulty level in it ramps up massively. So during my course I’ve found my mind wandering to tumbling diabolos on strings occasionally.

One last thing, there’s a new comment on the P Wyndham Little project. Look at the recent comments on the front page for more.