Ghost Bus and Ungrateful Cat

A couple of incidents to report. Last night it was extremely foggy, so much so that even walking through the underpass, there was fog forming inside the tunnel. Very eerie walking to the bus. When it arrived, I almost missed it as it was so quiet. It was a really old bus for Oxford, single-decker, with really tall steps. What disturbed me was that it was so quiet, it barely made a sound as it moved. We were travelling fairly slowly due to the fog, but it was odd, something really wasn’t right. To clinch it, the bus driver was incredibly courteous and polite. I thus believe it was a ghost bus, manned by a driver sent back to earth to atone for his bus-driving sins.

Then this morning, waiting for my bus to work, a cat shot out onto the main road, and was clipped by a car. I turned to the noise of a huge screech from the cat, and caught the sight of it somersaulting through the air. It landed in front of a van, the driver of which stopped to attend to said cat. Fair play to him, he ignored the shouts of the other drivers as he blocked the road so he could try and get it to safety. He made some encouraging motions and noises, but the cat circled round a bit limping, then sat down. He then decided to try and pick it up. Big mistake. I heard a screech as loud as the first one, and saw the helpful chap jumping back about 10 feet to get out of scratching distance. I think he learnt a valuable lesson there.