Cheery chap

Well, much better mood now. Just one of those things where a bit more sleep helps make the world a better place. I think I am very highly tuned in such regard, it is only a matter of an hour or two’s sleep either way that can turn me from happy to fed up in a stroke.

My back is behaving better at the moment. Whilst it is still sore, the exercises do make a lot of difference. I think I need to make sure I get them done every day without fail, and perhaps expand them slightly. Found myself feeling somewhat sore last night, doing them made the difference instantly. Even quicker than say if I had taken something for it. Very impressed.

The weather here the past couple of days is fantastic it must be said, I am looking out of my window at work here out at the bluest sky I have seen in ages. All the trees are a vivid bright green, I just want to be out there! Well, I guess I could do with a bit of time in the garden tonight then. Going out to see DJ Format in town tonight, late one, but I won’t be drinking, so it won’t be too bad tomorrow.