A fresh start to the week

I survived my annual review, in fact, it was pretty good as far as these things go, I was very happy with it all. Then the weekend included a visit from my mates E&I, had a very relaxing weekend. Also had a good time cookie veggie food all weekend, made (in my opinion) a spectacular veggie lasagne, which I will make again with more chilli to my taste. But even enjoyed the veggie sausages I had invested in, I think they are going to have to be one of my weekend breakfast options, very tasty. I am now precisely 16 stone as of this morning, but I don’t know now if that means I have made my first target, or if another pound needs to go. Regardless, its the lightest I have been for several months, and I now need to aim for the next stone. I do not know how long that is going to take, but I think I would like to be a little way along the line in time for christmas.


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