You can’t see me

You can’t read this just yet, its not on the site. In a day or two, the switch of hosting will have worked, and you will be reading this. But just not yet. Moved to a proper web host, got a control panel with all sorts of wonderous and fantastic options to try out. Will have a play shortly.

What am I doing now? Why, thanks for asking. Reading lots of techie stuff, trying to be a developer. Books on database theory. Joy. But important to do.

Trying to write as well. Got some elements of a story I am noodling around with (thats a technical term, I’m not going to explain it to you). Nothing worthy of showing just yet, but will do when there is

Also playing a lot of Soul Caliber 2. Great game, but will be one of the people I end up suing over a terminal case of RSI in about 10 years. Best fighting game ever. Delivers where DOA and Tekken have been failing in the last few years.

Life is pretty good at the moment, could do with being less fat, other than that, can’t complain at all.

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