YAG – Yet Another Gadget

Look over to the right, and down a little bit. I’ve added in a flickr bar, which shows the latest 3 pics I have uploaded to my flickr account. Now, I can happily upload images to this website itself, but the joy of flickr is I can MMS photos I take on my mobile to flickr, and they go online almost instantly. At the moment you may well be able to see a strange looking fellow there, that may or may not be flotsky.

Very impressed with this, so easy to set up (I did the whole thing, setting up the account, setting up the code, putting it in Blogger and uploading a pic in about 20 minutes, and that wasn’t particularly down to ability, it is just nicely done).








2 responses to “YAG – Yet Another Gadget”

  1. Mark Avatar

    hula King Flotters.

    I am now linking to your web empire.

  2. flotsky Avatar

    cheers mark, nice one. if you want the favour returned, just shout