Why I won’t buy an iPad yet

Thought I’d ponder this a little while, give the product and the chatter a little chance to sink in. The iPad looks gorgeous. Pretty much a few weeks after I’d bought my iPhone, I knew I wanted the same thing, but somewhat bigger. I’m not a genius on this front, I know many people felt exactly the same. And now it exists, it looks right, and as one would expect from Apple, there are a few little twists that make it better than I imagined. Getting properly into the ebook reader market is one, an Amazon that works like the iPhone store is perfect. Price is another, if as it seems it comes in around the £400 mark, that’s a lot cheaper than I’d have guessed.

So why not buy one? Well, for me, the iPad is going to be a device I’d use sat in front of the TV. I’ve got an iMac for doing my own work, and for serious surfing. I’ve got a proper laptop for work. For the sofa surfing, I’ve got my trusty Acer Aspire One netbook. Now, the netbook isn’t the iPad, isn’t as lovely. But it does fulfill the same task very adequately, and I just don’t think I can justify it to myself on the basis of loveliness. If it breaks, and can’t be fixed, then I’ll happily buy it as a replacement, but there isn’t any other reason to get it yet. It doesn’t doing anything else over and above a netbook to me, so I’ll happily wait. By the time I need an iPad, it may be in a second generation. It may be cheaper. Most importantly of all, I’ll have the need for it.



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2 responses to “Why I won’t buy an iPad yet”

  1. anthonyhibbert Avatar

    I'm the same though I dare say I'll cave in before you. I have a feeling playing with one will loosen my wallet quite quickly.

    iPhone apps were dodgy for a while at the start but now there's a load of solid, great stuff (amongst a load of shite of course).

    Can you imagine 2nd, 3rd gen software when devs are used to that screen real estate? With multi-touch?


  2. flotsky Avatar

    True, actually getting my hands on one may make me more interested. However I'm prepared to try to resist.

    The load of shite in terms of apps is a problem, I was discussing this with someone today. According to him, he finds it even worse on Android, the app store there is full of it. Of course on both there are great apps, but the problem can be finding them. I tend to find mine from recommendation and from blog posts. It is rare that something new I'd like actually shows itself readily in the app store. This is something that needs looking at. My suggestion was that rather than being more open, Apple should actually reject virtually everything, keep it for only the good stuff. Or maybe have a second division app store.

    I hope that some web developers make the most of it too, I'm sure we'll see some iPad exclusive themes out there