What’s going on at The Regal?

According to the article from the Oxford Mail, The Regal hasn’t re-opened after its Christmas break, and has been shut eight more days than planned thus far.

It’s a lovely place, and a lot of money seems to have been spent getting it back into shape, it would be a big shame if it isn’t going to make it.

Double blow for me, as Hospitality Oxford is due to be there on the 21st February, and I was rather hoping to see London Elektricity live.

Mystery surrounds Regal closure (From Oxford Mail)


Regal to reopen?



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2 responses to “What’s going on at The Regal?”

  1. Tim Maughan Avatar

    Meh, Hospital have been off the boil for a while.

    HQ is the place to go if you want a quality DnB night in Oxford.


    Also beware: if it says London Elektricity, that’s almost certainly just Tony DJing. They said they wern’t going to play live as a band again (unless i’ve missed something, which is very possible). Wobble-tastic.

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