Whatever “it” is, whatever “it” isn’t will hurt Evan Bourne

I happen to believe that Evan Bourne is one of the top new prospects on WWE Raw at the moment. I love a good high-flyer, and he is about as spectacular as you are going to get in the WWE at the moment. He’s had a good mini-feud with Kane to get him known to the fans, and once he is over his injury, what he needs is a nice set of matches with a mid-card wrestler with some similar skills to build on that. What he didn’t need was the attack on him this week by Mike Knox.

Knox is one of those classic Vince signings, a huge man that has the right look, but without anything else to make him appeal to fans in any way. He’ll get a push for a while, not attract much interest, then fade away for a year or so until Vince remembers that he is paying him, and will be released to little protest. He simply does not have “it”.

So Bourne finds himself moving from a feud with a big man where he is the clear underdog, to a feud with a big man where he is the clear underdog. Except this time it is with someone really lacking the appeal of Kane. This will only serve to damage his development in the long run.



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