Welcome to my world. A world of less snot

Getting there. Close to being back to normal, which is an ideal, or at least more ideal state of affairs. It is also a very nice looking day out there, cold but deep blue skies.

You can tell its become Autumn when they start putting decent stuff on the telly again. Last night I watched The Apprentice, an american high-powered business reality TV show with the worlds best wig-wearer, Donald Trump. I saw a bit of Flashmob, The Opera, which sounded like an absolute abortion of a concept, but the last 10 minutes that I saw were simple, and really moving. And Arrested Development, an new US sitcom. Its sort of live action Simpsons meets 6 feet under. It stars Hank from Larry Saunders, which is enough for me, as anyone who was even vaguely involved with that is some sort of god. Whats more, he is funnier in that than even in Larry. It is a slow mover, but I’m very prepared to give it time, good start thus far.