We came here to sleep and eat fruit, and we’re all out of fruit

Grrrr, sort of not pleased to be back at work, had a truely great lazy weekend, and could have done with at least another 5 days of it. Ah well, such is life. Fabulous Thai meal with S on Saturday night, really good spicey seafood.

Hopefully going to get back into PSO for a bit, will keep me occupied I reckons. Not that I am in need of additional things to play and laze about on. In fact Animal Crossing will be winging its way to me on Friday for just such purposes.

I also have a demo of PSO Blue Burst to try out on the PC. Its in Japanese, so it could be a little testing getting going with it, but I am just curious to see what it looks like. Could be a step along the way to Phantasy Star Universe.