Was I a proto-blogger?

I’ve been blogging a while, strictly speaking going back to 2002 (I’ll say something worthwhile one of these days). If you go back to the start of this blog, you’ll see I have entries from 1985. However these are absolutely from my earlier teenage diary. A few years later though, is when I believe I started blogging.

I used to keep a small red diary. All the names were sort of changed to protect the innocent. And it had a readership. I can’t remember how it started, but I used to carry it everywhere with me, and I think someone asked one day. And I let them. It was sort of anon, and kind of random, and most of the people that read it were mates that knew most of it anyway. I had a readership. I think it was during English lessons it would happen the most, one of my friends would ask to read it, and they would go off with the diary to catch up on my life to date. I didn’t have commenting, which I think would have been one of the crucial things to have really made me like a blogger back then, but I was pretty close. I still have this, and there are a few entries from that period on here somewhere (may have a dig later on).