My best friend S was down at the weekend, and along with S (complex code I know) we went off to see an artists exhibition, that of Jane Tomlinson, who has done some great paintings of Stone Circles and one of my favourite places, Uffington White Horse. Having met Jane, enjoyed her work and her tea, we went onto Avebury. Another of my favourite places. We actually managed to take in Avebury, The Sanctuary, Silbury Hill, and Marlborough Mound. Oh, and Falkners Circle, which only exists as a single remnant of a stone near the West Avenue. Quite a calm place. S took some photos, and I’ve done some work on one of them here. Few ideas around the theme of cel shading, which crops up in my current gaming a lot, so why not expand it into reality too.

I may be different after E3, the big gaming expo in the states. But as it stands, there are just too few games I can even see myself considering. About the only one I know I will get for definite is Gran Tourismo 4, and no-one knows when that will come out.

I am a manic fan for the Gamecube, this is true. But I’ve had many a happy hour playing the PS2, and I’m sad that I feel a lot of innovation is missing at the moment. I think there is too much time being spent on the safe games, and not enough time spent on the exciting possibilities of what the machine could do.