Long week, even though in reality it was only 3 days long. DIY, gardening, gaming and drinking are the main aims for this weekend. Fix a door (a different door to the one I was fixing a couple of weeks ago, that one is fixed). Cut some things and tidy some things.

I ended up watching The People’s book of records last night. Its okay, pretty much a one joke show. But the thing that did do my head in was the “dog lick”. Someone covered his arse in chocolate, and then squatted for two minutes whilst their pet dog licked it off. The record they were looking for was how many times the dog licked him in two minutes. More than one hundred. The sorriest thing about it is that it is the most memorable thing I have seen on Channel 4 all year. A man having chocolate licked off his arse by a dog. I can remember a day, in my lifetime, when you genuinely could say that Britain had the best quality television in the world. Alas, no longer.

As detective dramas merge into property shows, docusoaps into reality tv, we are left with the dregs. I am forced to buy fine british programming on dvd, like Reggie Perrin, which not even UK Gold can bring itself to show alongside the repeats of going for gold and bergerac. As the sun set on the british empire………

Take a deep breathe. Thats better. But it does annoy me, that we used to appreciate and value all this talent that we had (and have in the country right now), and now, and I blame Rupert Murdoch for this, perhaps on the basis of very little evidence, but I blame him just the same, our television, in particular our comedy, is rubbish. I am old it would appear

I was also looking at this earlier Mad Lizzie. Was expecting the former TVam fitness guru. Its not. Its a linedancing caller. Clearly not a very good one, given how full her diary is for the year. Or to give her her dues, it could be that the professional line dancing season only runs over a few weeks. I’m not well versed in the artform, I most admit.