Through bleary eyes

I type this. Struggling after the weekend a little, but that is mainly down to staying up until 5am to watch the Australian Grand Prix. Not quite got the sleep back, was up relatively early (for us) on Sunday to get out to TK Maxx. Telling the weekend backwards, lets see, quiet one in Friday, stayed up to fall asleep during the qualification for the GP, then out to get a haircut, catch a friend for a quiet drink in the Black Swan. That was heaving already at 2pm, being an Irish pub, and it being St. Patrick’s Day. Then into town to meet Mrsfb and a friend, nice meal at Bar Ha Ha’s, and onto Luminox again. That was good again, except it was just too busy, could barely move. So we had a good look around at it all, then wandered off to a couple of pubs. We ended up trying the Black Swan again, but by then it wasn’t even standing room only, so we moved across to A1 pool hall, which was lovely and quiet. Sunday we did TK Maxx, then came home to not do much at all, although I had an hour or so in the garden and got some more heathers planted out the front.

Should have some more pics from Luminox to show soon, did manage a few more on the Saturday, getting a bit more used to the camera. Need to read up more on how to use it.


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