This brief post is inspired by Wonderduck

Mr Wonderduck has pointed out in comments to a previous post that he does not have broadband. This makes me sad, as it has totally changed my internet experience. I think I have had it for roughly 5 years now, and I just can’t imagine being without. Actually I can, I remember all the time before, and the shock of using dial-up very occasionally at other friends houses. It isn’t perfect yet, could be far far faster and cheaper, but tonight when I get home I am going to kiss my cable modem and be thankful for what I have got.








2 responses to “This brief post is inspired by Wonderduck”

  1. Wonderduck Avatar

    The Pond is located just outside of Duckville, and there’s a bypass between me and it. Cable never made it out here because of it, and I’m not on the same telephone network as the rest of Duckville.

    Of course, the company I’m with doesn’t have a DSL network in my immediate area.

    The other options are either not in the area yet (wireless) or hideously expensive for the poor performance (satellite), so I’m still on dialup.

    It’s almost a joy to go into work at Duck U. and get to use the sweet, sweet T3 line there. Quite often, I’ve found myself not going home, even though I’m done with work and the Duck U. Bookstore has been closed, just so I don’t have to go back to dialup.

    I could move, I suppose, but I like the Pond’s location. Ah well, it’s not like anybody calls me, anyway.

  2. flotsky Avatar

    Here in the UK, a year or two ago the Government leant on British Telecom to get them to improve ADSL availability, and it did mainly work, the bulk of the UK can now get it. I don’t take any chances, I try to be as close to the centre of a city as possible, just in case 😉